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We are excited to have this partnership with Sugarmat to bring you the most stylish and beautifully designed yoga mats. Sugarmat is a Yoga accessories company based out of Montreal, with a focus on adding joy and style to your everyday physical activities. They design products caring about yoga and your journey on the mat.

Sugarmat Yoga Mat Yogis

The design of every single mat has its' very own story. The West coast series of the yoga mat is by the artwork of Dana Mooney who was inspired by the landscape of the West Coast while the Healing Hearts series features the exclusive abstract art of Contemporary Artist Julia Contacessi.

Besides its' stylish appeal, all mats are made with love for the environment and with social responsibility in mind. No toxic materials are used in the production of the mat and they are made from biodegradable materials making them sustainable and reusable.

If you are a beginner or intermediate yogis, the TPE mat at 5mm thick from the West Coast series would be great for the extra cushioning and join protection it provide. However, if you are doing strength workouts, you may want to opt for the suede mat from the Healing Hearts series where the water-based inks will actually help you to grip more as you sweat and the prints will not wear out with use. 

To move around in style, check out the mat strap carriers that will add a flare when carrying your yoga mats. You will sure to be the envy of your other fellow yogis. 

Shop some of the best sellers from the Wear Coast and Healing Hearts series and purchase them now to get 20% off and free shipping from NOW till 9/9!

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