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Minibox Crates

Every product that we bring in is a product that definitely is something we, ourselves and many of our friends and customers truly enjoy and found them practical and most importantly, valuable. One of which is Aykasa Folding Crates - they are sturdy crates that come in 3 sizes - Minibox, Midibox and Maxibox. We have conveniently hyperlink them for your quick reference ;)

They do not only come in different sizes, they are also packed in a huge range of colours that will easily fit anywhere you want them to be. To pop out as a home deco, or to blend in with the surroundings.

In the feature image in this post - you can find 2 Miniboxes stacked on top of one another in Banana and Khaki Green colourway. The sides of the crate can be easily removed, picture shown, leaving one side of the Banana colourway Minibox easily accessible. Making this the perfect cup organiser for this coffee corner in this kitchen. PS. it belongs to one of our customers' and she is absolutely loving it - we did asked permission to have this photo beautifully taken with the industrial screed wall.

All in all, they are simple, beautiful, stackable, modular, collapsable and easily fit in anywhere!

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