iOS 14 Tips and iPhone 12 (Developing Story)

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iPhone 12 is about to be released in a couple of weeks and we hope you are getting one! We have a series of iPhone 12 cases ready to be purchased when September ends.

Speaking of iPhone 12s, they will all definitely be loaded with the latest iOS 14. They are available with your current iPhone with the oldest available model to be iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. They are easily updatable over the air in your iPhone Settings -> General -> Software Update.


The biggest and latest iOS 14 feature is definitely adding Widgets on to your home screen. Previously, already available in Android - you can now add stuff like the Calendar, Batteries stack, etc. Here's a short snippet of how to add a widget - Just start by holding your finger at any part of the screen, or if the screen is full, the bottom part where there isn't any icon.

Possibilities are endless, so we will leave you with that. We will continue to update this page with more tips and tricks and we promise to keep it extremely simple!

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