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Fancy Delight Cookies Lychee Cranberry Chocolate Walnut

As you may have already heard from our latest Christmas Gift - XMAS "OVERSPILL", we have collaborated with Fancy Delight and brought 2 options of cookies that are limited time only! We would like to share a brief tasting through words before you make a choice of which to choose for your gift!

Lychee Cranberry

Fancy Delight has painstakingly created and revise this flavour endlessly and finally concluded on this. Bits of cranberry hand-cut, lychee-fused and baked at an optimal secret temperature and timing. Every bit is light, crunchy and yet melts in your mouth, the balance between the lychee taste with the hand-cut cranberry creates a perfect blend. We would highly recommend

Chocolate Walnut

For those who prefers chocolate, walnut is mingled into the dough, similarly, baked at a secret temperature and time. Screaming "I LOVE IT", for chocolate lovers. It is not easy to create something that has unlimited recipes online, this is a limited time item that was brought back due to huge demand during the recent Chinese New Year. It is now back. Do not miss it!

*The secret temperature and timing is dramatize by Yours Truly.*

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