Welcome to WOLOO - Pre Launch Special!


Welcome to WOLOO - pronounced as /WALL-lu/, but the general consensus is /WU-lu/. We will stick with that.

We all know the feeling of receiving something at the door (remember Circuit Breaker?). Take that feeling and add a little glitter with receiving it at your door step like it is Christmas, all day, everyday!

We are definitely not your usual store that you normally shop in!

We are super glad if you have landed or stumbled yourself in this blog post, we are really excited to see you here!

We are launching our store on the 9th September and we are launching our first product that is perfect for workouts - at home or at the gym. They are designed to impress others! 

We have here - 2 West Coast mats, just click on it to take a look! Good news - we are running a 20% discount for pre-orders on all Sugarmat products made between now till 9th September! Limited quantity only! Of course, free delivery to your door step! Order yours now! :) Here's a snippet of Sugarmat if you are new to them!

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